Why Should You Get Professional Teeth Cleaning?

By Timber Dental Care

Professional teeth cleaning is essential for improving your smile and enhancing your self-confidence. Brushing and flossing regularly are crucial for excellent oral health, but professional cleaning can help remove stains that can eventually result in serious tooth problems. Here are some of the reasons why you should have your teeth professionally cleaned. Schedule an appointment at Timber Dental Care in Tomball for comprehensive deep teeth cleaning. Learn why you should choose professional dental cleaning procedures from your Thornton, CO dentist.

What Happens During A Professional Dental Cleaning?

Many people hate having their teeth cleaned. It’s easy to understand their concern, given the prodding, unusual noises, and occasional jaw soreness. However, for the majority of people, tooth cleaning is straightforward and painless. Knowing exactly what is going on during the process can help relieve stress and allow you to enjoy the minty-fresh results to the fullest. There are various steps to this procedure.

Physical Examination

The cleaning technique begins with a comprehensive examination of your entire mouth. Your teeth and gums will be examined using a special mirror to look for symptoms of gingivitis (inflamed gums) or other problems. If an issue is discovered, it must be resolved before the treatment procedure may begin.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

A scaler is usually used to remove plaque and tartar that has built up between your teeth and along your gum line. As previously stated, the special mirror is utilized by the dentist to determine whether or not plaque has accumulated. The amount of time spent scraping the dirt will be influenced by the tartar’s density. The only way to prevent plaque from developing and hardening into tartar is to brush and floss. You should be aware that once tartar has formed, it can only be eliminated by a professional cleaning at a dentist’s office.

Cleaning with gritty toothpaste

Following the removal of tartar, your dentist will wash your teeth with a high-tech electric brush that can make a grinding noise. Any remaining tartar will be removed, resulting in a cleaner mouth. At this point in the procedure, the toothpaste used tastes and smells like conventional toothpaste. You will also be able to select from several tastes. Because gritty toothpaste is used, it softly cleanses your teeth for a cleaner and better result.

Professional Flossing

You may be wondering what professional flossing involves. This is not the same as flossing at home. It entails flossing your teeth with a special device to reach tough areas. Using skilled flossing, any plaque that has remained in your teeth will be eliminated. It also guarantees that no toothpaste from the previous step remains.


The following step is to rinse your mouth to remove any particles or debris. A fluoride-containing solution is typically used in professional rinsing.

Applying fluoride treatment

The fluoride treatment is the final stage in the teeth cleaning procedure. Fluoride treatment aids in the prevention of dental cavities and tooth deterioration. The advantages of this procedure last for months. It entails applying a foamy gel to your teeth and leaving it on for about one minute. Fluoride varnish will also be applied, which will harden when it comes into contact with your saliva. After that, you can start eating and drinking right away.

We hope that this blog has provided you with all of the necessary information. Are you looking for the best teeth cleaning services in Thornton, CO? Book an appointment with Timber Dental Care to take advantage of our excellent services.