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Dental implants are widely considered the “next best thing” to having a mouthful of healthy, natural teeth. This process involves a complete redesign and restoration of the missing or damaged tooth from root to crown. New teeth made of porcelain are implanted into titanium posts screwed into the jaw, where they fuse with natural tissues.

Fixed dental bridges are comprised of two or more crowns that anchor onto natural “abutment” teeth. At one time, this was the best option people had. However, the procedure relies on the filing of surrounding teeth, which makes the teeth more susceptible to root canal infection, periodontal disease , decay, and bone atrophy.

Removable partial dentures grip onto healthy teeth, but put pressure on the underlying gums, which weakens the jaw and accelerates bone loss. It is the cheapest and easiest option upfront, but is not always feasible – especially if the patient has limited structure to support the dentures.

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