Differences Between General And Family Dentistry?

Family Dentistry
By Timber Dental Care

Do not mistake family dentistry with general dentistry since the two are not precisely the same in terms of practice. General dentistry refers to the practice of dentistry in which the dentist in question performs many or all of the functions of a Thornton dentist. In a nutshell, a dentist who practices general dentistry does not specialize in any one aspect of dental treatment. The whole family may get comprehensive general dental care at Timber Dental Care.

Our family dentist will take care of a person’s dental health at every stage of their life. Family dentists who have received the appropriate training will be able to give good oral health treatment to patients who have baby teeth and those who have permanent teeth.

What Your Family Dentist Is Capable Of Handling

Your family dentist is more likely to concentrate on the specific oral health issues that occur in young individuals, small children, and mature adults of all ages as they develop. Some of the services that your family dentist might provide are as follows:

Periodontal disease treatment and prevention 

  • Routine cleanings
  • Cavity treatment (diagnosis and fillings)
  • Orthodontics (metal and ceramic braces, as well as Invisalign) 
  • Orthodontic therapy and prevention

Why should you go to a family dentist?

One of the reasons is the ease with which it may be done. For our extended families that cover all of the bases, from newborn to adolescence, from teenager to full-fledged adult, family dentists get you in and out in a single appointment. There’s no need to plan your time or go around in circles.

Choosing a Dentist for Your Family: What to Look for

Check out our practitioner’s history and certifications to ensure they are legitimate. Records and accounts are more transparent than they have ever been in this day and age. Most professional dentists will provide their educational history and job experience on their website’s “about” page, which is often located on the homepage. An outdated practice may be indicated by the fact that a dentist does not yet have a web presence on the internet. Alternatively, it might also suggest that the dentist is so good and trustworthy that they do not believe they need to market themselves.

Make an appointment for a consultation to be sure. Please bring your family into the office and see how they are treated. Encourage them to sit down and speak with their future dentist if they have minor children. You’ll want someone who can communicate well with the whole family while still providing specialized care. Without a doubt, you want someone competent, but you also wish to be empathetic and concerned about your oral and general health, rather than just the bottom line.

It is important to remember that your children need stability no matter what age they are. As a result, you should be very selective about who you entrust with the duty of your family’s dental health.

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