Busy Schedule? Convenient Dentists Near Louisville On-the-Go

How To Find Us From Louisville 

We understand that traveling for dental care could be better. But at Timber Dental Care, we believe our exceptional service and commitment to your oral health are worth the trip. We offer a warm, welcoming environment and a team of dedicated professionals who prioritize your comfort and well-being.

Driving Directions 

  • Head East on Spruce St toward Front St: Begin your journey by heading east on Spruce St toward Front St. This route will take you through the heart of Broomfield, offering glimpses of local life and surroundings.
  • Turn Right onto Front St: At the intersection, turn right onto Front St. This road may have traffic, so exercise caution and follow traffic signals.
  • Continue onto County Rd: Continue straight on Front St, which will merge into County Rd. This stretch of the journey will take you through residential and commercial areas, providing a sense of the community's layout.
  • Turn Right onto S 96th St: After traveling on County Rd, turn right onto S 96th St. This road will lead you through more residential areas, offering a glimpse into the local lifestyle.
  • Continue on Northwest Pkwy to Westminster: Stay on S 96th St until you reach Northwest Pkwy. Merge onto Northwest Pkwy, which offers a more open road and may provide scenic views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Take Exit 225 from I-25 S: Continue on Northwest Pkwy until you reach I-25 S. Merge onto I-25 S and stay in the right lane to take Exit 225 toward Westminster. 

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