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How To Find Us From Derby 

Looking for a top-notch dentist near Derby? Your search ends at Timber Dental Care! We're conveniently located in Thornton, just a short drive from Derby. Our friendly staff and comfortable environment will make your dental visit a breeze. Our dental office is easy to reach. 

Driving Directions 

  •  Begin your journey on CO-44 East (Washington St) and E 104th Ave in Northglenn. 
  • Look for signs directing you towards I-25 North. You'll likely encounter an on-ramp that allows you to accelerate and safely merge onto the interstate. 
  • Once on I-25 N, enjoy a smooth ride on this major north-south artery. I-25 N offers multiple lanes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your comfort level. 
  • As you travel north, keep an eye out for signs indicating Exit 225 for E 136th Ave in Thornton. 
  • As you near Exit 225, slow down gradually and use your turn signal to indicate your intention to exit. The exit lane will usually have one or two lanes, allowing you to merge onto the appropriate lane for E 136th Ave.
  • Once off the highway, follow E 136th Ave. This might be a multi-lane road or a smaller arterial street, depending on the specific location.
  • With the help of a GPS or street signs, locate Grant St. E 136th Ave, which might intersect with Grant St, or you might need to make a turn onto another street to reach your final destination.

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