All You Need To Know About Chipped Teeth

Chipped Teeth
By drandrei

The enamel is the outer coating of your teeth and is one of the hardest components of your body. It has its limits, which is why your teeth might shatter if they are exposed to severe erosion or a powerful hit. This might lead to a rough tooth surface, which can make your smile look bad and needs urgent correction. This blog contains all of the information about chipped teeth that our dentists at Timber Dental Care have provided.

Which Teeth Are In Danger?

Your teeth are definitely at risk if they are weaker. The second lower molar and teeth with massive fillings, on the other hand, are said to be more susceptible to chipping. Because the second lower molar is more vulnerable to pressure during eating, this occurs.

Symptoms Of Chipped Teeth

Slight chipping of teeth in the back of your mouth may not give you any indication. Gum irritation surrounding the chipped tooth, pain while biting, and a rough texture while rubbing your tongue over your teeth are just a few of the common signs.

Causes Of Chipped Teeth

Chipped teeth can occur for several causes. Your Thornton dentist has compiled a list of them for your convenience.

  • Chewing or biting hard objects, such as pencils, pens, or ice
  • Suffering from an accident
  • Suffering from teeth grinding
  • Participating in strenuous physical activities

What are the Risk Factors for Chipped Teeth?

  • Weakened teeth are more likely to chip than stronger ones, according to popular belief. Tooth decay and cavities that eat away at your enamel can weaken your teeth, and massive fillings can make them much weaker. Teeth grinding can erode your enamel, and acidic meals like fruit juices, coffee, and spicy foods can wear away your enamel and expose your teeth. This is why a six-month checkup with your Thornton dentist is necessary.
  • Stomach acid can flow back into your mouth as a result of several digestive problems, like heartburn and acid reflux, which is damaging to the enamel. Drinking too much alcohol or having an eating disorder can cause frequent vomiting, which can produce acid that can chip away at your enamel. If you’re having problems like this, you should immediately visit your dentist in Thornton.
  • Germs can be produced in your mouth as a result of consuming too much sugar, and these bacteria can erode away at your enamel. Enamel tends to deteriorate as you grow older. As a result, those over the age of 50 are more likely to have weakened enamel. Hence older people are at risk of suffering from chipped teeth.

What Are The Treatment Options For Chipped Teeth?

Your dentist in Thornton will be able to notice a chipped tooth after a quick examination of your mouth. Symptoms may be considered, and you may be asked questions regarding the events that led to the chipping. Following that, your dental care professional will decide on a course of treatment keeping your dental condition in mind.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand everything you need to know about chipped teeth. Book an appointment with us at Timber Dental Care if you are looking for the best dental care procedures in Thornton, CO.

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